Educators are no longer being treated as professionals.

Unless fundamental changes are made to address the way teachers are perceived in our society, these problems will continue to steamroll as we move forward.

Teacher Attrition

Across the country, teachers are becoming harder and harder to find. Whether this is attributed to decreases in teacher preparation programs, the significantly lower salaries when compared to other professions with similar or less education, or the litany of state and federal mandates placed on them (seemingly at the whim of politicians), teaching has become a job that lacks the prestige and professionalism it deserves.

Teacher Autonomy

One of the primary factors that leads to teacher dissatisfaction is feeling that they lack autonomy in their work. In fact, a hallmark of feeling like a ‘professional’ is the belief that you are allowed some semblance of control in your job. When teachers explain the basis for their stresses at work, this is chief among them.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

As the level of respect afforded teachers decreases, fewer and fewer qualified candidates will fill the vacancies, and the need for teachers, at any cost, will continue to affect the quality of instruction our students receive, further driving home the point that the people choosing to teach are not very good at their jobs.

In order to fix the problem, we need to find ways to increase the perception of teachers as elite professionals.

Our Mission

Increase the perception of Teachers as elite professionals.



Creates a network of teachers outside of the union and local school framework.


Provides relevant and useful professional development


Emboldens teachers by granting them consultancy and contributor credentials for the work they complete with us

What we’re trying to do

Our Goals

Goal 1

Further the perception of teachers as highly skilled professionals.

Goal 2

Create a forum for developing educators to further define and discuss the evolving roles teachers play in their schools and communities.

Goal 3

Create network of teachers dedicated to advancing these ideas.

Goal 4

Address the shocking lack of voice teachers are given in the national dialogue around schools and teaching itself.

Goal 5

Hold accountable those who claim to the be voices of reform and progress through faulty and damaging data, and spread information about what is really going on with many of these reforms and inappropriate use of data collection.

What do we mean by


The word “Professional” gets thrown around quite a bit.  If you asked most people, they would probably equate “professionalism” as related to fairly specific modes of behavior. Getting to work on time, being prepared for the day, following the dress code and standards of culture, are all part of this version of the term.

While being responsible and attentive are obviously important qualities, they do not however, speak to the quality of work performed by the “Professional,” and this brings us to our interpretation.

We see the word as tied to the concept of a “profession,” and especially in this case, the act of teaching effectively; not simply dressing the part, not simply going through the motions, and not simply slogging through the year hoping to “finally get it right” without ever modifying practices. Professionals should be visionaries, responding to the needs of their individual students, and reacting to the constantly changing ways that teaching is evolving.








Meet the team

Matt Daly

CEO, Co-Founder, Teacher

Matt Daly has been teaching and coaching for over 15 years. He is an Instructional Leader, Educational Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. He holds degrees in English and Secondary Education from Providence College, an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry, and has Supervisory Certification in Instruction. Matt lives in New Jersey with his wife, also a teacher, and his three daughters.

John Madden

President, Co-founder, Teacher

John Madden has been teaching for the past 18 years.  He entered the field after working for a General Contracting and Engineering firm in the Greater Metropolitan area for over a decade.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins University. John’s work over the past 5 years specifically, as both a teacher and the Instructional Leader of the Humanities, has centered on the creation and maintenance of the Classic Academy. This program is designed to elicit and privilege the passions of its students, and culminates in a major presentation of public work. John resides in New Jersey, and enjoys a variety of outdoor sports such as kayaking and hiking.

Craig Kennedy

vice President, UX Director, Teacher

Craig is an experienced secondary and special education teacher, coach, blogger, and club advisor. A graduate of Hofstra University in NY, he majored in both History and Secondary Ed, and he currently teaches Social Studies at Frelinghuysen Middle School. His graduate studies focused on teaching students with special needs at Centenary College in NJ.

Craig is also a UX and web designer. He is founder and lead designer of Huemanist Design Services


Scott Montague

Visual Media Director

Scott brings years of experience as a photographer, DP, editor, and composer with him to APT. His work has earned him a “Best of Weddings” designation from The Knot for the past two years. Check out his work at Montague Films.

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