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Matt Daly has been teaching and coaching for over 15 years. He is an Instructional Leader, Educational Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. He holds degrees in English and Secondary Education from Providence College, an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry, and has Supervisory Certification in Instruction. Matt lives in New Jersey with his wife, also a teacher, and his three daughters.

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An End to the Quiet War explores the consequences of our silence as teachers, and outlines steps we need to take if we want to finally see a teacher-driven reform in education.
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PodcastPD episode

We discussed The Socratic Oath in a detailed podcast interview. We are thrilled to announce that PodcastPD episode is available 3/27 on a variety of platforms.

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In the Land of the Blind…

What happens when our best aren’t our best? Is it a problem with how we are assessing kids, or is it that they shouldn’t be in competition in the first place?

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Pride and Progress

For all the talk about “Progressive” schools and “Progressive” educators, we sure seem to be mired in some inconceivable conservative realities in our buildings. What makes you or your building actually “Progressive?”

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Reflections on a Losing Season

The teacher is unique in their access to kids, and yet, we continually degrade their worth and importance. Administrators are tasked with affecting student outcomes without daily interactions with students, just as a coach needs to get a performance out of his or her players without physically stepping on the field.

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