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Amplify 2018

It’s been an amazing first year here at the Academy of Professional Teachers. We’ve accomplished so much and we are looking forward to expanding even more as we collectively attack 2018.

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EQW Pt. 4: What Matters?

Part 4: What Matters? Are we systematically teaching kids to see the world in an episodic way, or are we developing adaptive, transferable-skilled students?

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EQW Pt. 3: Users

In design thinking, we must start with empathizing with the user. If we were to ask educators who their “users” are, there would probably be a wide range of answers, but what are the implications of the answers?

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Featured Blog Thread

# Amplify

Our mantra is to “Amplify”

We will seek to amplify our message, our goal of bringing the professionalization of teachers to more and more people.  We will amplify our product line, rolling out 3 new free tools this year.

And finally, we will amplify the voices of everyday teachers.

If you are interested in sharing your story on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Guest Blog 2: Control

Have you ever experienced a lack of respect for your professional judgment as a teacher? It seems to beg the question: “who is really in control of our classrooms?”. Teacher Danielle Codey shares her experience. #amplify #talk2teachers

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Guest Blog: Curriculum

We are living in a time when virtually any piece of information can be researched. We no longer need to memorize facts and figures the way we once did. Still, our curriculum seem to harp on texts, characters, and plot. Nowadays, because information is literally at our fingertips, what becomes important is processing that information, manipulating that information for an intended purpose, and using it to make informed decisions for a better world.

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