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At Our first EdCamp…

In the fall of this school year, APT attended our first EdCamp. EdCampNJ was hosted at New Brunswick High School, and was attended by hundreds of educators.

This was our first unconference, and we weren’t sure what to expect. After registering and finding a table, we started some small talk with some teachers and eventually a woman came by with some notecards. She clearly knew the teachers we were talking to, and began to pitch them on running a session later that day.

I was listening as intently as I could, and she noticed my obvious interest. This was how we first met Stacey Lindes. She encouraged us to present The Socratic Oath later that day, and to our delight, was one of our over 30 attendees to that session.
Before we left, I dropped of some extra copies of the Oath, and noticed that there was a live podcast being recorded behind Stacy. She invited us to come on the pod in the future, and gave us her card.

PodcastPD and Twitter

In the months since, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with Stacey and her co-hosts, Chris Nesi and AJ Bianco, through both Twitter and the North NJ chapter of ASCD. I’ve also been listening to their podcast, PodcastPD, a bi-monthly dose of professional development that can be accessed from almost anywhere.

Tune in to the 3/27 Episode of PodcastPD

It seemed only natural that APT would go on the podcast to discuss the Socratic Oath in more detail, and we are thrilled to announce that the podcast interview we conducted last week is now available on a variety of platforms.

Please download and subscribe to PodcastPD, and any or all of the pods on the Education Podcast Network. A huge thank you to Chris, AJ, and of course Stacey, for bringing us onto the show, and we can’t wait to come back to the podcast soon to share our new work and ideas!

This spring, we will be on the road promoting the Oath, and beginning development of some future projects. Be on the lookout for seminars and workshops where you can become an official APT consultant on our next endeavor.

As always, don’t forget to post pics of your posted Oath at the #SocraticOath hashtag on Twitter. Have a great week, and enjoy the pod!

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Matt Daly has been teaching and coaching for over 15 years. He is an Instructional Leader, Educational Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. He holds degrees in English and Secondary Education from Providence College, an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry, and has Supervisory Certification in Instruction. Matt lives in New Jersey with his wife, also a teacher, and his three daughters.

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